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650 Million people on the planet lack reliable access to safe water. Many rural Indian women and girls travel at least half a mile to reach a safe water source, taking up 25% of a women's day. Water is HEAVY. A woman or girl would carry 20KG each trip several times a day. The Wello WaterWheel cuts down on the trips, eases the burden and saves time, which can be used more productively and means instead of carrying water a girl can go to school. More water means better health and hygiene.

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The Challenge

In much of rural India it is often necessary to walk 4-6 km or more every day to fetch water and in the dry season, it is not uncommon to walk much further. The traditional method of carrying water - with a 20-litre pot on the head - can severely damage the spine, causing severe pain and even leading to complications during childbirth. Not only are the health impacts serious but water collection and household chores are one of the primary reasons for low school attendance amongst girls.

Our Response

The Wello WaterWheel is a 45L rolling drum that moves 3-5 times more water than possible using traditional methods, decreasing the amount of time spent by up to 60%. It is a low-cost, mobile solution that doubles the reach of existing water infrastructure such as wells and easily adapts to lifestyle, environment, and time of year, allowing users to move between sources of water according to season and availability. The Wello WaterWheel will help empower families to lift them out of poverty.

Potential Long-Term Impact

Wello have seen amazing and inspiring results through their pilot projects - households are saving up to 2 hours daily, and in some cases, men have begun to share the burden of water collection. Women are using their time productively to earn more income; girls can now focus on their studies. Use of a Waterwheel can empower, educate, and improve the health of women and girls. The pilot project has now been launched in Rajasthan. WaterWheels are now available to families in rural communities.


Narmada's story

Narmada used to have very busy mornings; multiple trips to collect water for her family, get her children ready for school, and rushing off to work at the local health clinic (she's a nurse).
But she was often running late, and missed her ride to work... meaning the clinic was understaffed.
Now that she has a WaterWheel, she makes one trip to collect water in the morning - instead of three!
Her husband now helps collect water too, and Narmada is happy to spend quality time with her children and make sure that they have a good breakfast before she sends them off to school.
Click here to spend a day in the life of Narmada.

About Wello

Wello is a social venture with an ambitious goal: To deliver clean water to a thirsty world.
They design and deliver affordable innovations that save time and increase opportunities for people who lack access to water. They design products that people not only need, but want to use.
By reframing the water crisis as an opportunity, Wello has reinvented the wheel and developed an innovative business model that empowers individuals to use the WaterWheel as an income-generating tool to lift their families out of poverty. For more information about Wello and the WaterWheel Project please click here.

Images, Videos and Stories courtesy of Wello Water India Pvt. Ltd.


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