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Unique Star solely focuses on poverty alleviation. In village communities access to business training and small loan finance is difficult. The model Unique Star implements is a revolving loan fund focusing on small business set up loans with sustainability within the business model. We aim to impact families and thus children's health and education and bring about access to viable and sustainable employment. This is not a 'hand-out' but a 'hand up' helping families to empower themselves. RED International's goal is to raise £60,000 to support this project.

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The Challenge

Poverty in Pakistan especially within village rural communities is endemic. Almost a quarter of the population still live below the national poverty line, with 60% just over that level. A major cause of rural poverty in Pakistan is the highly unequal distribution of assets, particularly land and access to water. Access to finance is a key issue for those caught in the poverty trap with no bank accounts, no collateral etc. These individuals are forced to take out loans at impossibly high rates.

Our Response

Unique Star conducts small business training and issues small micro loans to those individuals and families at the bottom of the poverty pyramid. Loans with appropriate interest rates, with a focus on poverty alleviation within the communities most at need. We envisage thousands of needy families to be impacted through small business training and micro loans and although based in Lahore, Unique Star will focus in rural village communities to create viable employment.

Potential Long Term Impact

By creating sustainable business opportunities and thus employment Unique Star will empower individuals and families to use their own initiatives to create sustainable and long term household income. Continual training is offered with follow up, and top up loans to actively encourage the beneficiaries to grow and prosper. By encouraging beneficiaries to work within their own communities will bring additional opportunities especially in rural communities and with a focus on employing women.

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