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Walking 20km a day for water is hard work

A village on the borders of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh states in North India wanted to hold a convention at the end of March for three days.  They requested the local self-governing body, the village’s panchayat, to make necessary arrangements for water provision.  The villagers get their water supplies by walking up to 10 kilometres each way carrying it on their heads which is a health hazard. Assistance therefore from the local leaders was essential to being able to hold their meeting. Unfortunately the panchayat were unable to help.

Thankfully RED International's partner in India, OMIF, had already distributed 200 waterwheels in and around the village to help the women bring water in easy way by using WaterWheels.  They encouraged people with the WaterWheels to bring water for the program. They wouldn’t have been able to provide for the convention and their personal needs without the WaterWheels. Thanks to your support the WaterWheels helped to bring water for cooking and drinking for more than 200 people.

Walking 20k to get water is enough of a challenge. Thank you for helping to not only make daily chores much easier but also allowing this community to celebrate life together.

Villagers were able to hold their convention