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Ali* is a janitor by profession, a father to son & daughter. He has an active mind and therefore he wanted to come out the grinding poverty situation, in which the family has been living in for generations.

A year ago, Ali* started a business to sell used second hand clothing. He buys rags and old clothes and travels around rural Pakistan selling these from a cart attached to a motor bike. He wishes to expand his business and Unique Star has given him and his family that opportunity by providing basic business training and a small loan of 30,000 PKR to purchase more second hand clothing. The difference this will make to his family standard of living ensures his young children will be able to go to school and basic day to day necessities will become a reality. Unique Star will continue to provide support to Ali and his family and will monitor the progress of the business.

Agricultural investment

Working in the rural communities of Pakistan, agriculture is a key potential for small business opportunities. Unique Star have been working with a number of rural families with the view of buying small plots of land to develop sustainable small crop and harvest operations. Unique Star has given small agricultural business training to illiterate families with the view of offering small micro loans to these families. Unique Star will continue to develop this and will continue to monitor progress.

This is a new venture for Unique Star and over the coming few months will continue to raise funds for basic business training and expand its micro loan operations.

*names changed

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