Sadly RED International will be closing from the end of 2017. 
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Red International and our partners in India seek to give hope and help to those caught in human trafficking by providing counselling, health, legal, financial and vocational training support.

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The Challenge

Over 45.8 million people are living in conditions of modern slavery in 2016. This figure was revealed in the Global Slavery Index which has been produced by the Walk Free Foundation. India is rated fourth in terms of the proportion of the population enslaved but the country has the highest number of people enslaved in absolute terms, with over 18 million people in modern slavery – that's 40% of the total number worldwide. See here for the detailed report on India.

Our Response

RED International is working with our partner in India to support anti human trafficking projects run by our Indian partners, OMIF and Pratigya. Currently we are focusing support on the projects helping those enslaved in ritualised prostitution. Your donation will go to support Dalit anti Trafficking and victim care projects such as HIV testing, support and counselling through the provision of a local clinic; providing alternative employment through focussed micro enterprise and micro finance projects; vocational training projects; women's empowerment programmes; provision of legal support in rescue cases; etc. etc.
We are also partnering with Dalit Freedom Network UK, a trafficking prevention organisation working on behalf of Dalits in India.

Potential Long Term Impact

These projects help prevent trafficking by providing alternatives for vulnerable men, women and children, and also provide practical help in rehabilitating and reintegrating those set free. These include education, economic development, healthcare and legal advocacy projects.

*The HIV status of those photographed is unknown

If you would like to give to RED International and/or receive updates so that we can help support women involved in modern slavery in India, please follow the links below.


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