Imran's* Story (*names changed)

Imrans story july 2016

"I buy t-shirts, shorts and other casual clothes according to the demand. People want good quality clothes, but cannot afford branded ones. I give them good quality clothes at a cheap price. The demand was increasing gradually which is good for business but due to shortage of investment it was difficult to fulfil the demand of the need. I acquired a loan from Unique Star which allowed me to expand my business. Before the loan, my average sale a day was 600-700PKR. (5$-6$ per day). I hardly managed to save anything after paying all the business expenses of 4000-5000PKR. (38-48$ per month).

Now, thanks to the loan, gradually my sales are increasing and now the average sale per day is 1500-2000PKR (15$-19$ per day), which not only fulfills my family needs, it also pays all my expenses leaving an average profit of 8000-9000PKR. (75-85$) per month.

Thank you Unique Star. With your help I am able to excel at my business properly and efficiently."

Irfan's* story

Irfans story july 2016 tshirt and mug

"I am sole proprietor and running a printing business from home. These things are in demand as people want to look good-looking and being modern with differently printed T-shirts. They also want to decorate and give away gifts to each other in the shape of printed mugs, which they can place in their homes and offices. This business is a growing. I had started my business with old machinery, which does not have a good effect on my business and production as well; also it is too time-consuming with that machinery and it was difficult to meet customers? needs. But after acquiring a loan from Unique Star, I have purchased good machinery which not only is best in quality, but also through this I can satisfy customers' demands. Now I can take orders, many orders from the market and meet the customers' need.

With the help of Unique Star in form of a Loan, my production has increased 20% and still increases gradually. Before the investment through Unique Star, I could complete an order in 1 week (7 days with old machinery) - now I complete it in 3-4 days.

After the loan from Unique Star, I am saving 12000-15000/- Rs. (115-144$) per month; before that, I saved 5000-7000/- (48-67$ per month).
I am thankful to Unique Star; they helped me to excel my business. God Bless Unique Star."

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